Extra Selfie awesome dressing

Extra Selfie awesome dressing

Let’s take a selfie first!
Your selfie with a makeover of your choice, dresses that you love; and that too with an easy to use app. Yes, Extra Selfie is here to give you an extra flair. This is a simple but interesting app for selfie lovers. Just capture and make beautiful moments of life through Extra Selfie app.
The app stands different from other applications because of its diversity in change of apparel and all different features you can enjoy! Yes, with Extra Selfie now you can have a complete makeover from dresses to hair styles! Try several hairstyles you like, dress up in fancy clothes like Wedding Guest Dresses or Valentine’s day dresses and then share it with your friends on social networks.
Take yourself to the next level with several exclusive features Extra Selfie offers!
Extra Selfie offers the users to look stylish in a trendy way! Dress up like a chic and enjoy this Exclusive yet free application! You can see how your wedding guest dresses or Valentine’s day dresses will look when you wear them. Extra Selfie makes you look stunningly beautiful that you could just dream off! If you are a girl, then this is an app tailored for you. Experience our virtual salon and see what make over suits you, which hair cut to go for.
Extra Selfie comes with various unique trends to follow in fashion including dresses! Moreover you can Share your best photos with your friends to show your fashionable side with just one application!

Terry Fish arcade and fishing game

Terry Fish arcade and fishing game

If you like playing arcade and fishing games like: Fishing Craze, Rapala Pro Fish, Super Fishing and Deep Sea Challenge, you will like to play Terry Fish more than them. It is available on android with super exciting environment and 3D graphics. Download game for free from Google play store and start the journey. We assure you fun and pleasure!
Terry is an adorable fish who used to live in deep Ocean. She used to be fun loving and adventurous. She was friend with all the little fish and jellyfish down there. Scared of sharks, killer whales and various fishes, Terry and her friends still liked to take risks. They were used to have so much fun carrying out exciting underwater adventure although Terry was not allowed to go far. Her parents wanted her to be safe as she was the only child they had, but as for Terry, she loved exploring caves and to play mini games like hide-and-seek around sea reefs. Once she found a wrecked ship covered with sand, as she had heard in stories about the treasure chest these types of ships have, so Terry and her friends were used to explore the broken ship for the hidden chest. She always sneaked out with her friends without letting her parents know. A day came when that happened what her parents feared of. Terry went far enough with her friends almost near the top of the sea; she and her three friends got caught in the trap placed by Mr. Grumple, who came for fishing. Terry tried to swim fast but all in vain, they were pulled out of their homeland, the deep sea. Mr. Grumple decided to keep these cute fishes. He went to his house on a sandy island and put them into a fish bowl near the window.
Terry became very sad as she missed her homeland and parents. There was little area for swimming in the bowl and she could not play. All day long they were used to watch the waves of vast sea and fish swimming freely and wished to be back home. Mr. Grumple was used to feed fish once in a day, feeding the fishes was the thing he did not like but only to catch fish and keep them; he was not a good man. Terry and her friends decided to set themselves free from this prison. They strive hard and were successful in coming out of the bowl right into the sea!
Terry and her friends are now happy to be back in the beautiful underwater where they can live the way they like and now Terry has some power benefits too! Swim with Terry through the sea of colorful fishes, predator fishes and some hurdles to collect gems. Be aware of the enemies and enjoy the freedom with her! Feel the joy of risking life to gather gems. These gems are from the hidden chest Terry had been looking for. Also watch out for the hungry shark, it will not let Terry have gems. But Terry loves adventures so she is determined…are you?

Jurassic Runner Most Popular Game

Jurassic Runner Most Popular Game

The ancient land with mysterious jungle and fantasy forest back to the empire of ancient stone-age people. They were used to challenge the super hungry dinosaur to catch them while they run fast for their life. What was the mystery behind this act, no one could solve.

This exciting adventurous run with some obstacles is presented in Jurassic runner with 3D environment. Come out of temple journey and subway station running and have fun of the stone-age cars, motors and bikes. Escape the dinosaur by crazy new endless running and fulfill the mission with the help of power-ups. Just like the temple creature a new character will give you high-octane chase and you will have endless running.

This running experience is fun, all you have to do is to run, jump and swipe to protect yourself from the obstacles. Google play store brings adventures of Jurassic park in this free android game. Download this free running game on your mobile devices and unleash the angry runner.

Little Mon-Stars

Little Mostars

Technology is progressing and increasing in its own world of gaming. We are helpless without technology. New programming skills are valued a lot. The new generation is addicted to technology and games. Craze and competition in the world of gaming zone is growing boundlessly. It’s a safe activity for kids. Indoor activities keep kids safe from getting injured. There are many games that educate kids. They teach them many different things at a time. Many people consider games bad for health and brain but that’s not entirely true. There are many benefits of playing games as well. As now a day’s kids don’t have ample time to play, they can have indoor activities to spend leisure times. New generation is more adventurous and they like playing energetic games. People are really active and they like things that completely involve them physically and mentally.

A habit of playing games has no age limit and over the years craze of playing games has increased immensely. People don’t waste time at all sitting idle.  Young generation prefers doing indoor activities and applications are the best thing. Various applications give different kinds of experiences. They do it all for you around the clock. We have various gaming apps in line to entertain people. There is a lot of hype of new app coming soon, Little Mon-Stars. Twilight e-game studios have launched many apps for entertainment.  And now they are again coming up with a really interesting concept and idea for game. These apps are for people of all ages.

 Little Mon-Stars is a 2D game with excellent features. Little Mon-stars are four characters and all the four characters are really interesting and different in their own way. They have different colors and have different names.  The one in green is Pokie, Blue is Wokie, pink one is Kika and purple is Dokie. This game is really easy to play. The monsters need to move on protecting themselves. All the four pokie, wokie, kika and dokie goes through water collecting bonus point but protecting themselves from the two characters in blue and red color.  Game gets difficult and it just takes a second for you to lose.

This game needs a lot of attention and handling technique. The person playing needs to move their mobile to protect monsters. As the game moves on and on the mon-stars starts moving even more and more fastly. This game does involve you physically and mentally. As you starts preceding the more you get involved in it. It is quite tough to maintain control over the move of mon-stars.

A person needs to clear each level to unlock other level. The monster changes as you move to the next level. Many things even change as you keep moving to the next level. Many features changes as you move on in the game. This game will be a nice contribution in the world of gaming. People who love playing games can evaluate this game to be very interesting and adventurous.

Little Mon-stars Game

little-monsIn the previous years, the cell phone has truly had a huge effect on our ways to utilize our cellular technology.  We can interface with one another via genuine communities like Facebook and twitter.  However, mobile phones have become part of our daily usage that also gotten to be enormous business.  When it comes to game development studios, Twilight e-game studios has been consistent in coming up with several games like Terry Fish, T20 Cricket Blast, Go Linn Go and Quicker Top that are huge hits . This time, Little Mon-stars Game is in the show by Twilight studio.

In the “Worldwide Gamers Study of 2009/2010” shared information regarding what sort of games people like to play more on their cellphones. Such game allows people to play these energizing amusements at whenever and anyplace without any diversion. Then again, these amusements are overall intended for portable client so they can appreciate well and use their spare time. As mobiles are not difficult to handle so anybody can play diversions on it while strolling, unwinding, sitting tight in a bus or any other place.  So this helpsplayers to enjoy the games at different locations.

Coming back to Twilight E Studios recent game “Little Mon-stars” that carries different this game will also be free for all its users. All Little Mon-stars are fearless monsters world has ever known.  As you pass stages, the characters will unlock and you can enjoy all little mon-stars.

If you have not downloaded then this game is a must download. With mixtures of several hurdles along the way, characters including Mr.Dokey as lead character along withWokie, Pokie and Kika. You take the role of monstars who want to pass all hurdles to reach the top of liquid. It will be available for Android users as well as Apple. Like other games by Twilight E Game studio has managed to raise the caliber of the amusement and illustrations demonstration that they are prepared to give competition to the rest of the world. Check out what is so surprising and crushing here in Little Monstars Game.

All your missions will proceed in a 2d environment. You can pick the terminus yourself. . Anyhow in any case you will feel that kind of opportunity that you will certainly like and I trust that the diversion engineers will advancement considering such development.Versatile diversion advancement is a developing industry. Portable games are not just being moved up to offer a superior gaming knowledge, yet they likewise speak to new developing advances in Pakistan. In any case, that you compare game development in Pakistan, it is clear that portable gaming has still far to go!

Anyway what we can say is that versatile gaming is staying put. As a portable gamer myself, I can envision that versatile gaming will get much greater later on. Likewise with the ascent of the cellphones, the sky is the utmost for the portable gaming industry here in Pakistan.

Twilight E Studio

We are young in this business, as of taking up mobile phone games as a profession. However, logoour sister concerns have been taking for 10 years in the areas of 2d/3d animations. The passion of our people towards he gaming industry, the creative thirst and the need to express our love for animation, has motivated us to jump into the stream of the gaming industry.

What We have done till now after our humble beginning is yet to be revealed as three of our games are about to be exposed to the world and one 2d game we have just started move are coming up with our non-stop research and brainstorming sessions. 2 out of three, 3d game have been made for our international sponsors and the third one is fully owned by us. If we say for the time being this is all about us, then we may say it will be fair to conclude till next.